What we can learn from the Belgium football team about Attribution

August 9, 2018

  Believe it or not, yes there is a loose association between these two very disparate subject matters - football and attribution. Unless you’ve been living with your eyes closed over the Summer, you may have witnessed Belgium reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup and then going on to beat... Read more.

Understanding the true value of Display Campaigns

August 3, 2018

  One of the largest pain points that is observed within the agency is understanding the true value of Display campaigns. Two questions that are regularly asked are, “Is Display incremental?” and, “Would we have got this sale anyway without Display campaigns running?” As a lot more focus is placed upon... Read more.

Google To Stop Providing DoubleClick IDs To Advertisers

May 11, 2018

In a fairly low key announcement this week, Google announced it would no longer be providing DoubleClick IDs from its ad server (DCM) and DSP (DBM). Given the current industry focus on GDPR compliance, it’s not hugely surprising that Google would take this approach. Arguably, sharing data at this granular... Read more.

Using Performance Marketing To Target New Customers

October 2, 2017

Many of our clients within the performance marketing space talk to us about their desire to recruit new customers – people who fall within their target audiences but have yet to trade with them. By understanding the differing journeys new customers take, advertisers can optimise their media channels accordingly. Sounds simple... Read more.

Maximise Sales by Understanding the Customer Journey

September 19, 2017

R.O.EYE's latest survey identified that recording and acting on performance data was the number 1 priority for marketers right now; however, our findings showed that some marketing managers are still not leveraging the power of data. A large amount are not understanding the customer journey on the path to sale,... Read more.

Q&A: R.O.EYE Speaks to Awin about Monotote

August 23, 2017

Q&A with Awin, August 2017 As part of the Q&A series with new and emerging technologies, R.O.EYE speaks with Awin to discuss Monotote. In its simplest terms, Monotote enables consumers to transact on publisher's sites without the need to click through to the merchant site. Equipped with a crystal ball, Account Director Chris... Read more.

Mature Affiliate Program? Follow this Step-by-step guide

August 17, 2017

R.O.EYE have spent years perfecting the art of growing and optimising client's businesses online. This latest insight piece focuses on four core steps to kick-starting a mature affiliate program, from reviewing stage, all the way to testing new ideas and ensuring that they're measured properly: Review First place to start: ensure to take... Read more.

Engage with Restaurant Customers this August and September via R.O.EYE

August 8, 2017

      The Scenario R.O.EYE work with a number of restaurant companies who are looking to drive consumer footfall into store on a CPA (voucher redemption) basis. The Solution R.O.EYE are able to offer real time voucher issuances to potential customers. We reach these customers by taking out ad placements via our network of... Read more.

R.O.EYE at the Affiliate Huddle

July 5, 2017

Last Friday the industry came together in London to attend the fourth instalment of Affiliate Huddle a free conference promoting knowledge-sharing and debate across the performance marketing industry. It’s also a chance to network with industry peers, which was so healthily attended by a strong, diverse mixture of advertisers, affiliates,... Read more.

How our Core Values are embedded into the day to day life of R.O.EYE…

June 16, 2017

“The R.O.EYE values are a key part of our DNA and brand. They are the ‘how’ we do things that sit alongside ‘why’ and ‘what’ we do. They are the glue by which we hold ourselves and each other accountable. “ The team here at R.O.EYE strive to implement and... Read more.