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R.O.EYE deliver two core services to clients:

Knowledge and Insight

Our Knowledge and Insight division enables senior marketers to understand customer buying behaviour. We have disrupted the market by opening up access to Insight of a kind previously available only to Tier 1 brands with deep pockets. Providing answers based on real-world behaviour, at an incredibly granular level.

This visibility across all online channels tells us precisely where to invest budget for the best return on investment – irrespective of marketing channel.

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Channel Management

Our Media Trading division serves clients who demand best-in-class performance media buying. We drive traffic that is qualified, scalable, and drives results across affiliate, influencers and referrals, paid social programmatic display, and PPC channels.

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Our insight and media services are inter-dependent. Each enhances the effectiveness of the other.

This symbiotic relationship is the key to our ability to maximise incremental returns, and achieve your marketing objectives.

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Harveys Case Study

Discovered the consideration cycle for a sofa was 3 days rather than 3 weeks

Learnt the consideration cycle for a sofa was 3 days rather than 3 weeks

Debunked myths about customer behaviour

Improved ROI by 33%

TV, press and digital budgets were re-weighted

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musicMagpie Study

Optimising paid social on every metric

72.8% lower CPC

Conversion rate almost doubled, at 93%

Reduced the cost of sale in the first year by 44.61%

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Selling via social is another key route to market for us. Our product range is diverse and R.O.EYE's technology gives us a granular view of our customers, so we can be relevant and timely with notifications and offers. We see this personalised approach having a very positive impact on sales.

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