Why we exist

If you sell online, and need to drive sales from existing and new customers, we should be talking.

If you wish you had access to the kind of customer journey insight that industry leaders can afford… we should be talking.

We will improve your online sales effectiveness. Guaranteed. 100%.

Our vision

The philosophy of our company is embedded in our name. Since our foundation in 2004 we have dedicated ourselves to optimising digital media performance. Our founder Mark was, and is, relentless about that. It’s all about the ROI.

Our ability to deliver ROI is what fuels our success, and this ability derives from our sophisticated proprietary platform, SingleView.

But SingleView turns out to be way more capable than even we had anticipated. Founded on real world, real-time transactional data, it is no less than a truth serum for your customer behaviour. This ability to see the truth is the Eye in ROI. It reminds us that insight matters, and that insight is not a merely mechanical function - it demands human skills and experience to interpret the data. Without it, you’re flying blind.

Our Values

Our values underpin the agency, representing both our identity and our promise to clients and suppliers alike.

Each R.O.EYE member of staff not only has to live and breathe digital, but be able to demonstrate our core values in each campaign, each conversation and each action.


The ability to ask the tough questions, to make the right decision in a split-second; to suggest a better way. R.O.EYE seeks to be courageous and be brave, and never satisfied.


R.O.EYE believes that obtaining a deep understanding of our clients’ goals brings out the best in everyone. Asking the right questions and being inquisitive establishes a better bond and helps understand new ways that we can deliver outstanding results.


Supportive of one another and our stakeholders. Working as a team with focus, R.O.EYE can actively tap into everyone’s strengths to go further.


Trust is everything, especially in affiliate and social marketing where it can be lost in an instant. Being reliable is at the heart of how we operate. We say what we do, and we do what we say.


Driven to succeed. To make a difference. To grow. To achieve the best possible ROI for clients.

Our Leadership Team

At the beating heart of a successful agency is a string integrated senior leadership team. Led by Mark Kuhillow, R.O.EYE's founder many years ago, we provide solutions to the toughest business challenges, develop strong, meaningful relationships to drive forwards.

Mark Kuhillow


Starting my career in traditional media in the last century (how old does that make me feel?), I worked in press and broadcast before ‘going online’ in 1999.

I am passionate about digital media and its ability to connect consumers with consumers. A dyed-in-the-wool direct marketer, I love working with our teams and clients to understand campaign data and how insights drive strategy, deploying campaigns, understanding campaign data...

Tim Hall

Head of Insight

Hi I’m Tim and I look after the analytical insight within R.O.EYE.

I’ve worked in a range of roles connected with BI and analytics for 20 years, developing big data insights at Auto Trader prior to joining R.O.EYE. My role is all about delivering actionable insight to our clients, either through consultancy or via our proprietary SingleView platform.

Karen Jones


Hi I’m Karen. I make sure everything at R.O.EYE runs smoothly. I originally trained as a Chartered Accountant with PwC then spent several years with Ernst & Young in corporate finance. Latterly I have been involved with a number of growing businesses; moving into the exciting digital marketing world a couple of years ago.

No two days are ever the same!

James Skelland


Hi I’m James and I look after all things tech, tracking & data. This covers developing (and often breaking) new technologies, fixing people's "slow internet" and everything in between! I've been in the digital marketing industry for 10 years now, working on various exciting martech projects for many top global online brands. Prior to making the leap to digital marketing, I worked in the slightly more corporate world of insurance, as well as developing the ecom platform for a startup.

Chris Blower

Head of Business Development

Hi, I’m Chris, I find solutions for clients who wish to drive more sales online. I speak to new clients who wish to meet their online objectives, whether that’s through social, affiliate, programmatic, or through our data consultancy services. One of the old guard at R.O.EYE, I have 10 years’ experience online – mostly around performance marketing techniques. You’ll most likely see me playing football, cycling, doing a mud-run, or trying the newest, hippest craft bar in the city.

Our Careers

We’re always on the lookout for top talent to support our services and ambitious agency plans.

Drop your CV into info@roeye.com and keep your eye on this page for any new openings.