How our Core Values are embedded into the day to day life of R.O.EYE…

June 16, 2017

“The R.O.EYE values are a key part of our DNA and brand. They are the ‘how’ we do things that sit alongside ‘why’ and ‘what’ we do. They are the glue by which we hold ourselves and each other accountable. “

The team here at R.O.EYE strive to implement and exude each and every value in the day to day life of R.O.EYE. From the Technical team to Finance, the core values run through the veins of R.O.EYE, making the team work as one to drive results.
Here’s how members of the brilliant R.O.EYE team interpret our core values


Relationships are at the heart of what we do.

“Meeting deadlines is an important facet of building client relationships and growing affiliate programmes. Setting and achieving deadlines is something myself and the team strive to accomplish in our daily work.” – Sarah Dixon, Account Manager.


Be integral to our clients and work in a cohesive manner.

“Manchester Fertility treats us as part of their team, which enables both sides to share knowledge and insight. As Manchester Fertility work with their audience very closely, we have been able to help them communicate more efficiently by tracking user behaviour patterns. The combination of knowledge from both parties has cemented a fantastic relationship where our Marketing skills are utilised fully and we act as an extension of Manchester Fertility’s ‘arm’.” –Beatriz Gonzalez, Social Media Manager.

“I work in a very supportive role as Lead Developer. Working with both the Singleview and Media Buying team developing data handling systems to evaluate Media Buying. I gain support from James (CTO) and Tim (Head of Insight) in all aspects of my daily duties, to the point where even blue sky concepts can be funded.” – Phil Mellor, Lead Developer.


Eager to learn and develop -drive innovation and provoke new ways of thinking.

“I’ve started working through Facebook’s Blueprint courses in order to understand how to best maximise clients’ spend and resources in the Facebook & Instagram platforms. This will enable me to able to better foresee anything that may affect campaign performance, formulate more creative adverts and support business objectives.” –Alice Rowell, Paid Social Media Executive


Challenge the status quo and make decisions based on insight.

“Brave is about making decisions you know are right for the client even though they may not be the most obvious choice. Having confidence in you knowledge and trusting your decisions. In essence not being a ‘YES Man’.” –James Skelland, Chief Technical Officer.


Focus on outcomes not outputs.

“I am driven to help clients maintain a happy relationship with Affiliates, by working with clients to make sure Order ID’s are validated in a timely manner and then pass funds to Networks as soon as they have been received. This helps to grow a sustainable and developing program. “-Emily Chaplin, Finance Manager.