Engage with Restaurant Customers this August and September via R.O.EYE

August 8, 2017




The Scenario

R.O.EYE work with a number of restaurant companies who are looking to drive consumer footfall into store on a CPA (voucher redemption) basis.

The Solution

R.O.EYE are able to offer real time voucher issuances to potential customers. We reach these customers by taking out ad placements via our network of partner sites all of whom will advertise your offer on a CPA (cost per acquisition basis) in this case the redemption of a voucher.

How does it work?

A restaurant comes to R.O.EYE with a unique offer for a time limited time something that is not currently available and will grab the attention of our network of partners.

R.O.EYE add this offer to our network of partners, as soon as a potential customer clicks on the offer they are taken to a screen to enter their email or phone number.


The Redemption Process                                                           

The customer then receives the voucher to their chosen method, prints it or screenshots it on their mobile and walks into the nearest store. They then redeem it when paying their bill.

When do you pay?

R.O.EYE agree with you the CPA (redemption) you wish to pay, if we agree our network will be happy to promote on that basis we will launch.

You pay only on the redemption of a voucher in store.


The Case Study

Please click here to see our case study from our fantastic work with Harvester in August 2016.

R.O.EYE were responsible for driving 7523 voucher redemptions at a redemption rate of 48%.