[Webinar] Multi-Touch Attribution in a post GDPR World – Wednesday 12th December

November 28, 2018


The full recording of the Webinar is now on YouTube:

It’s now over 6 months since the new GDPR became enforceable together with the new Data Protection Act (2018).  The impact this has had on digital marketing has been significant, and in particular on data-driven attribution approaches.

Join R.O.EYE and independent consultancy Connected Path to hear about how GDPR has changed the landscape over the past 6 months, the impact this change has had on Multi-Touch Attribution accuracy, and the approaches available to address the challenges that digital marketers are now facing.

About R.O.EYE

R.O.EYE is an award-winning performance marketing agency.  Our belief is that budgets should be planned, deployed and evaluated taking into account the complete journey to purchase, not using outdated first and last click metrics.  This can only be achieved with a data-driven attribution solution that provides a ‘single point of truth’. Our offering is focused on one hard question; ‘Where should I spend my next marketing pound?’ We can tell you.

About Connected Path

Connected Path is a digital marketing consultancy. Our mission is to improve understanding of the connected Internet journey through measurement and analysis.  We believe that measurement of the human interactions on the Internet increases understanding and should inform at every level of digital strategy.


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