Hashtag No Filter!

February 27, 2017

As Andy Warhol said “everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”.

Unfortunately Andy never made it to the social media age, he will never see celebrity being driven by it. It now allows us to follow, share and like celebrity posts. There are even YouTube and Twitter stars. Celebrity has changed!

My own little social media vice is Instagram which allows me to mix in one of my passions, Photography.

I downloaded the app some years ago. I checked it out, wondered what it is and how I use it. Facebook but photographs? As I’ve become more familiar with Instagram it’s opened up a whole new world for me. The Instagram community. The Manchester ‘igers’ community.

The takeover was born. What’s a takeover? You take photos for certain organisations with your interests and style. I’m lucky enough to have done takeovers for Manchester City Council, Manchester Evening News and am working towards one with Visit Manchester showcasing my photos and interests.

Classic photographers are split on Instagram. Some embrace it and show their work. Some dismiss it as ‘not proper photography’.


Personally Instagram is what got me into photography. People ‘liking’ and praising my photos. Great feedback from the people I worked with and new followers all over the world. From there I brought my first SLR and enrolled on a ‘proper photography’ course.

It’s Photography alright, just a new version. It’s changed and moved forward like the world around us.

I use Instagram more and more. It’s crept into my day to day work and that’s not just controlling the R.O.EYE Instagram feed.

Instagram is a growing market with brands having their own accounts, striking a balance between promotion and lifestyle.

Brands and marketers have jumped on celebrity and social media using celebrities to promote and push their brands with social media being a big part of this.

Taylor Swift has no less than 83 million followers on Twitter while Lady Gaga has accumulated an impressive 63 million.

On Instagram the numbers are as big.

Justin Bieber has 78 million followers and Beyonce a massive 95 million.

This is becoming a bigger and bigger avenue to consider in any marketing plan.

1/3 of the 600 million Instagram users are now utilising their latest feature ‘the story’. It’s a growing market and a new way to capture users’ attention.

Working with some of our partners we’re creating Instagram stories to raise brand awareness and drive sales for our client’s. This is a new and exciting way to reach and interact with an audience.

I was passed a recent case study by a media partner. 88% of people watched a promotional story from beginning to end. Tag this onto the 30% conversion rate. Those are great results with a lot of potential for more.