Are we an industry obsessed with change and too scared to do anything about it?

November 21, 2016

All of us in this industry are obsessed with change; growing revenue, improving conversion rates, reducing costs, and so on.

But at the same time we are also creatures of habit, happily snuggled up in our comfort blankets of favourite metrics, familiar reports, and tried and tested ways of doing things.

Clearly there is a conflict here that needs to be resolved; how to drive the change we all seek while managing the risks and fear of failure?

This is a challenge every business faces if it is to adapt and grow. It’s certainly one we’re well used to facing as a medium sized digital agency. So whether the changes you seek are micro or macro, I’ve compiled some tips that may help spur you onto an act of bravery:

1. Challenge yourself

The first and hardest step of all is to challenge the status quo and ask ‘is this still the best way of doing/measuring/tracking/thinking about our objectives’. Look outside your channel or industry for ideas and set aside half an hour to read one of those industry reports you liked on Linked In but never actually read.

2. Design the experiment

Whether it’s testing new activity with known metrics, current activity with new metrics, or new activity with new metrics – some thought is required to design the experiment to test a hypothesis. You probably already have a hunch that something you are doing may not actually be driving real value, or an itch to test something innovative.

Refer to the Scientific Method for guidance and channel your inner boffin!

3. Start small

Limit your risk by identifying a small element or component of your activity to try something new out on. Something small enough not to impact anything mission critical if it goes wrong, but large enough that it will provide sufficient learnings and insight.

4. Measure

When you design the experiment you will have identified the metrics/data to be used to measure if the test has been successful. If you’re using established metrics then chances are you already have the requisite tracking in place. However if you want to test new metrics, then you’re going to either need to make some changes, or employ some new tracking to report against the learning outputs.

… and finally, Commit

It takes courage to introduce any degree of risk into your team or organisation. Plus a large amount of personal integrity to stand behind your idea if key decision makers have other priorities, or little stake in the outcome.

These are qualities many of the most famous business leaders in the world demonstrate, so this could be your opportunity to drive real change in your role, team, business or industry. At worst – you will have learned something and contributed knowledge.

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