The Online Offline Challenge

15 Nov 2017

Jonny Grove

A business requirement that we have been hearing more about in recent months is the online offline challenge, where clients are unsure of how to measure the impact of their online spend on offline footfall and sales. Imagine buying a high priced item such as a mattress or a sofa without physically seeing the product (or giving it a test run) in-store. A lot of people move from online to offline to purchase, or they once again move back online and transact. R.O.EYE have been investing time, resource and technology to provide more transparency and granularity to our clients and understand how best to convert customers who have the tendency to do this.

R.O.EYE have been able to use their SingleView conversion tracking technology to better understand how online journeys convert in-store. By tracking key markers in the customer journey like ‘Store Locator view’ and integrating with client back office systems, R.O.EYE have been able to demonstrate which channels and keywords are driving store locator views and subsequent store visits.

This data is only the beginning of the data discovery journey, but having a better understanding of this insight on a local level, it has been possible to understand the impact of offline media campaigns by region or time of day.

R.O.EYE’s experience with online to offlineBy working with a client in the homeware sector, R.O.EYE have been able to demonstrate the impact of tactical PPC spend over a key trading period by store. Optimising spend to ensure the message is delivered at the key moment in the consideration journey has allowed us to identify that 27% of local search resulted in users entering a store within a 15-mile radius of their home. Once in the funnel, we have been able to subsequently re-target to cohorts of users who have been in-store, in order to have the best chance of converting the customers as they look to purchase online.

No client is the same and we’re seeing some impressive results across a range of sectors.

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