The value of optimising Facebook creative: How we dramatically increase R.O.EYE

07 Mar 2018

Chris Blower

Now, more than ever, there is a greater dependance and value of optimising Facebook creative to achieve the required return on investment.

Having worked with clients across a range of sectors, from retail to property and professional services, I’ve seen first-hand how challenging it can be to develop high quality creative for advertising campaigns. Budget for a dedicated creative agency is often not possible, and the client’s bottom line is rightly the top priority.

However, the role of creative – including video, images, and ad copy – is often much more significant than you might expect. One simple change in ad creative, can dramatically increase click through rates, sales and campaign profitability.

With Facebook’s recent introduction of the Dynamic Creative tool, which enables advertisers to test multiple creative elements within an ad campaign, as well as Facebook’s statement that advertisers will now be penalised for “engagement bait”, the role of creative in campaign performance is more important than ever before. Optimising Facebook creative should be jumping further up the priority list.

The paid social team at R.O.EYE are constantly looking for new ways to maximise ad performance. The  campaign creative is one of the key areas we focus on, alongside audience targeting, bidding strategy, and how this integrates with the client’s wider marketing strategy.


How to Optimise Facebook Ads for the Best Performance


Driving Online Sales for a Leading Retailer


For one of the UK’s largest entertainment retailers, we were able to increase their click through rates from 0.91% to 3.15%, compared to the industry average of 1.59% (Smart Insights, 2017).

How did we do this? By utilising a 3-second video rather than an image, and adapting the ad copy to promote the most popular discounted products.

As a result, the ad:

  • Generated 268 sales with an average order value of £24.32, resulting in total revenue of £6,517.16
  • Required a media spend of £50, at an average cost per sale of £0.18.
  • Received a relevance score of 7/10 from Facebook, reporting higher levels of engagement.

We function as an extension of the client’s in-house team, integrating our campaigns with the client’s wider marketing strategy, to ensure that media spend is focused on the products and promotions that will generate the highest volume and value of sales for the client.


Generating Leads for a Local Services Business


Sometimes, though, it’s not just about improving the quality of the creative. When optimising ad creative, it must always be done with the audience in mind This is why it’s so important to have an integrated campaign.

For a leading fertility clinic in the North West, looking to generate appointments with sperm and egg donors, we were able to decrease the cost per lead by over 90% from £11.96 to £1.10 in a three-month period.

This result could not have been achieved without a few very important changes to the campaign creative. Alongside the client’s new brand and website, we developed separate messaging for sperm and egg donors. Furthermore, weintroduced targeted compensation ads for sperm donors.

As a result, the campaign:

  • Increased leads by 1,078% over a six month period, from an average of 66 leads per month to 712.
  • Cut the average cost per lead by 90.8% within three months, from £11.96 to £1.10.

In this campaign, our relationship with the client was also fundamental to the success of the campaign. The client’s talented in-house creative team worked with our paid social team to develop high quality, on-brand images that would generate results.

If you found the insights in this article valuable, and would like to discuss how R.O.EYE can help you achieve your marketing objectives, please feel free to get in touch with the team.



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