HMV case study

Finding and engaging new audiences

The Challenge

Our mission was to tap into the increasing vinyl and Steelbook markets, at scale. HMV needed an agency who knew how to target micro-audiences to initiate or convert users within the customer journey. The challenge was to generate substantial growth of 40% in the first year, at a cost of 3% (excluding agency fees) through affiliate marketing.

The Strategy

Our approach consisted of rigorous recruitment, using strong bargaining power, and re-establishing a connection with the existing affiliate base. The recruitment pipeline was generated based on our extensive relationships as well as using in-house tools such as Group High, SimilarWeb, and our access to the top affiliate networks in the UK. With each pound scrutinised, R.O.EYE tagged the affiliate program using the SingleView tool in order to provide granularity on which sales were incremental and ones that the client ‘would’ve got anyway’.


The affiliate results were so strong, that HMV invited us to run their paid social advertising too. The launch of social allowed R.O.EYE to pin-point audiences with a deep level of targeting; for example, Marvel enthusiasts who were fans of comics or movies. We could then present specific media adverts based on whether they had been on site before (existing) or not (prospecting). For affiliate, we recruited partners such as NME,, and Universal Music, which had a vast impact on performance, as well as our supportive PPC partner. SingleView is able to determine the true value of each channel. This enables us to advise how partners should be remunerated, and how bids should be altered for the best possible result. R.O.EYE were able to make a significant impact on HMV’s bottom-line in the first and second year:

  • December sales revenue was up 62% in 2016 vs R.O.EYE non-managed in 2015
  • December rose again in 2017 vs 2016 at 21%
  • COS averaged 2.8% and 2.94% respectively
  • Social: R.O.EYE generated £1.7m of post-impression and post-click revenue in 2017.

If you would like to learn more about our affiliate campaigns, please read here: What we do > Affiliate.

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