Harveys case study

Uncovering the surprising truth about customer journeys

The Challenge

The project began with a request to understand the customer consideration cycle over Bank Holidays. Harveys’ working assumption was that their customer operated on a three-week consideration period. We were asked to quantify the assumption.

The Strategy

Our data began to reveal anomalies in expected customer behaviours. We were able to isolate transactions that completed over the Easter period and identify when their journeys started, and in which channel. The SingleView data indicated that very few of the customer journeys Harveys were targeting in the early consideration period were actually converting in the key Easter period. The majority of the journeys were actually starting and finishing within a 48-hour period over the Easter weekend.


We were able to reveal that the customer journey was not three weeks. Astonishingly, for two thirds of customers it was less than a day. This led to a fundamental reappraisal of their understanding of the customer journey, and the marketing activity undertaken as a consequence. As the vast majority of transactions that took place over the Bank Holiday period had started in the same period, SingleView illustrated how media activity deployed in previous weeks was wasted. As a result, Harveys were able to re-engineer their media scheduling based on this dramatic new insight with a greater emphasis on deploying spend closer to the trading period.

  • The client hit key performance targets over the subsequent trading period (Initial test was performed in April 2018)
  • Harvey are now able to predictively model sales for key seasonal periods
  • TV, press and digital budgets were re-weighted based on our learnings
  • Budgets were re-invested elsewhere based on the knowledge SingleView provided
Comparing the net PPC ROI in 2018 (when Harveys deployed spend closer to the weekend) to 2017, R.O.EYE observed a 33% increase in ROI in 2018 (Gross ROI in 2018 = 5.9 compared to 4.4 in 2017 Easter Weekend).

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