Cotton Traders

Cotton Traders case study

Uncovering the true value of display

The Challenge

The project began by identifying KPIs and budget in order to achieve proof of concept for the channel. The objective of the activity was to recruit new customers and understand the role of display across the customer journey. Using SingleView, we were able to identify where customers interacted with the brand at either the start, middle, or end of the journey, and work back to understand the overall effectiveness and ROI of the channel.

The Strategy

Our approach was to use a dedicated publisher house, Time Inc, which had the ability to identify new audiences based on Cotton Traders’ personas and segments Once set up, we ran newly created ads and adapted the campaign based on real-time data. We began apportioning budgets towards the sites which were working best.

The results were quite a surprise… Historically, the feeling was that display campaigns didn’t work well, because the barometer for success had always been based on a last click. Looking beyond this and investigating assisted and first click sales, R.O.EYE were able to identify:

  • 2 sales occurred as a last click
  • 233 sales as an assist – interacting with one or more channel
  • 350 new customers introduced, as first click or first impression
The learnings obtained from the test gave both client and agency the confidence to begin scaling display beyond its current size in a controlled way. SingleView was crucial in providing feedback and identifying – rather quickly – campaign issues such as wastage and ineffective contribution.

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