R.O.EYE Helping Clients Engage With the Student Market Place

October 31, 2016

The Market Place

In the last 10 – 15 years, student discounts have changed a lot from a simple NUS card, there’s now a whole host of websites who are vying for students’ attention. Many of our clients task R.O.EYE with devising a strategy to engage with various niche audiences, such as students, who are a switched on, brand savvy generation whose choices are often influence through social media recommendations.

Save The Student, My Uni Days, and Student Beans are just a few of the many sites R.O.EYE work alongside with to engage with students. Protect Your Bubble who have been a client within the agency for 3 years; recently challenged us to engage with students after launching a new product aimed specifically at students.

The Companies

Student Beans is a youth media brand founded in 2004 that produces entertaining content and provides useful resources for students. Protect Your Bubble launched with Student Beans in order to use the verification tool (which enables the client to track whether a site user is a student) and was launched ahead of the new academic year.

Studentbeans screenshot

Alongside Student Beans, R.O.EYE were able to engage with similar student sites within Protect Your Bubble’s affiliate campaign, one of the most successful stories was with Save the Student. We witnessed a 630.54% increase in traffic from this partner and accounted for 4.58% of all traffic to the Protect Your Bubble site in September 2016 according to SimilarWeb, which is used within the agency to monitor website traffic.

Top Tips

During this exercise, I learnt how to work with a niche audience, and here are some tips to be mindful of when launching activity similar to this:

  • Exclusives – Offering an exclusive that is only available to your target audience will help you engage. In the example of students, many universities are now on sites such as Affiliate Window, so it’s important to spend time recruiting the right partners fit for your campaign
  • Go social – When speaking to potential partners ask them about their social reach and also their engagement with students or niche markets places. How have they performed before and can they show you what’s worked in the past for other merchants?
  • Verification allows tracked discounts and allows discounts to be controlled – Using the likes of Student Beans for example allows real time verification
  • Content – R.O.EYE use Group High to target student bloggers that can get your product before the correct audience. Using additional tools other than affiliate networks to source new publishers, can save a lot of time.

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