Using Performance Marketing To Target New Customers

October 2, 2017

Many of our clients within the performance marketing space talk to us about their desire to recruit new customers – people who fall within their target audiences but have yet to trade with them.

By understanding the differing journeys new customers take, advertisers can optimise their media channels accordingly. Sounds simple in theory, however, it’s difficult to draw true commercial insights from aggregated data.

R.O.EYE have worked with a number of clients to implement its SingleView conversion tracking technology to understand the entire journey customers take from the first time they are exposed to an advert to the transaction they make and ultimately, their lifetime value once they’re on-board. This can be across the multiple paid and earned media channels, including affiliate, Social, PPC or SEO.

Homeware Sector Case Study

Using this data to challenge received wisdom has been fascinating. Recent work within homeware sectors demonstrated to an advertiser that their new customer consideration cycle was 48 hours. They had previously believed it to be over three weeks. The impact which these insights drove on the media investment decisions created a 17% new customer sales uplift with a 6% media investment saving.

By understanding the time it takes for a customer to enter the consideration phase to action, R.O.EYE were able to test and deploy differing types of media  ad placements and understand what content consumers were most respondent to. By A/B testing a range of initiatives – measuring what works – and cutting out ineffective advertising, we were able to report back positive results and allows us to constantly improve activity.