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Focused media buying

R.O.EYE’s roots lie within the affiliate channel. This heritage has created its DNA which is focused on driving traffic that is qualified, scalable and delivers results.

This is achieved through marrying client objectives and target audience profiles with relevant traffic. As R.O.EYE has been sourcing traffic for advertisers since 2004, it understands exactly how to locate and target audiences.

The majority of its clients wish to minimise their risk and trade on a performance-only basis. R.O.EYE understands this but also knows that if clients wish to target audiences and genuinely scale their activity, they may need to buy media using a variety of trading metrics. Through its proprietary scheduling and reporting platform, SingleView, buyers are able to understand the value and contribution every media buy drives in terms of:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Remarketing to existing or lapsed customers
  • First and last-click user engagements
  • Cross channel assistance
  • Transactional contribution by channel, genre and media partner

The biggest selling products at Jessops are mid to high end cameras targeted at the photography enthusiast, while one of the fastest-growing parts of the business is the sale of printed products. We hired R.O.EYE as our performance marketing agency because of the company's track record when it comes to reaching customers online and making a real difference to retail sales.

Focused social

From a performance perspective, a challenge R.O.EYE is constantly presented with is "how can advertisers target niche audiences cost effectively in a scalable manner?" Social networks offer ideal environments to locate and target audiences based on their profile, behaviours and likes.

R.O.EYE offers performance social solutions across the following platforms:

R.O.EYE is helping HMV reach niche online communities to drive DVD sales. We're using a lot of social channels to educate appropriate audiences about new, exclusive and relevant releases.

Last click or first click?

Attributing media sources has long been a conundrum for digital marketers. In order to scale a campaign, true publisher value cannot simply be derived from a last click.

R.O.EYE has built a tracking and analytics platform, which understands, measures and reports the value driven by media partners at every stage of a user's journey. Using this data to drive media planning decisions delivers scalable, controlled growth.


A large number of R.O.EYE’s clients are 'bricks and mortar' businesses who have significant retail estates as well as transactional websites. With advertisers adopting omnichannel views of their businesses, R.O.EYE has been using digital media to not only drive digital events but to use online media to drive measurable offline activity. Offline

R.O.EYE has been a pioneering force in using online media to drive offline activity. Through its proprietary voucher distribution platform, Voucher Vending, R.O.EYE has partnered with issuance and redemption partners to enable it to create and distribute fully trackable vouchers online, which can be redeemed and tracked offline.

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Reporting and Insight

In order to achieve clients’ objectives, R.O.EYE needs to make informed buying decisions every day. As an agency whose business model is predicated on driving digital sales, being able to accurately track every event, lead and sale is vital. However, simply collating data-points will only build larger databases. Effective media planning is driven by efficiently collating disparate data sources into single reports and making informed, insightful decisions from those reports.

R.O.EYE’s propriety reporting tool, SingleView, has been evolving since 2004 for exactly such a purpose – to enable media planners and buyers to ensure that their media buys meet the specific requirements and objectives of their clients.