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Knowledge and Insight

Our proprietary technology, Singleview, was originally invented to make our digital media trading best-in-class. Through data-driven insight, we can tell clients how to maximise trading activities across the entire customer journey, online and offline, using real-world transactional data.

But then we realised something; the platform is also capable of uncovering extraordinary insight into customer behaviours.

They say that if you want to understand a tiger, go to the jungle not the zoo. To understand your customers, you need real-world information about what all of them are actually doing. That’s real knowledge - and knowledge is power.

We provide answers grounded in what your customers do, not what they say, from data collected at an incredibly granular level. And we provide these answers on an ‘always on’ basis, so you can keep pace with changing customer behaviour.

R.O.EYE have disrupted the market, and levelled the playing field. No longer does your ability to understand customer behaviour depend on the depth of your pockets.

Analytics & Reporting

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Business Intelligence

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Media Trading

We use data to analyse and understand all the digital touch-points, in order to optimise online campaigns across multiple channels. Using our super smart, AI-driven digital platform, we’re enabling marketers to improve ROI on a different level; answering fundamental questions about customer behaviour, based on hard fact, not received wisdom.

Armed with this knowledge, our account management teams deploy strategies designed to exceed client’s objectives, using a variety of internal tools to enhance, scale and optimise.

It’s simple. Better data drives better decisions. And that drives better ROI, across each of the five major performance channels.

Affiliate Marketing

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Influencer & Referral Management

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Paid Social

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Programmatic Display

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You're in great company

Harveys Case Study

Discovered the consideration cycle for a sofa was 3 days rather than 3 weeks

Learnt the consideration cycle for a sofa was 3 days rather than 3 weeks

Debunked myths about customer behaviour

Improved ROI by 33%

TV, press and digital budgets were re-weighted

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Music Magpie Study

Optimising paid social on every metric

72.8% lower CPC

Conversion rate almost doubled, at 93%

Cost of sale dramatically reduced, to 7%

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