Affiliate Marketing

R.O.EYE delivers CPA-based advertising across affiliate networks, tapping into thousands of affiliate partners. As a channel that delivers on average £12 revenue for each £1 invested, the industry shows no signs of abating.

With 15 years experience in the market, we believe we have perfected the art of affiliate marketing. R.O.EYE’s approach is built around the knowledge our data platform delivers, which is then put work by the account teams. Whether a client wishes to understand the incremental value of voucher code sites, for example, or to learn affiliates’ true role in the online marketing mix, R.O.EYE have the expertise to accelerate affiliate marketing programs.

R.O.EYE’s Approach

1. Launch and consult

Depending on where you are in the affiliate journey, our teams can launch new programs, build new networks, or take over an existing campaign. Before any activity is undertaken, our in-depth onboarding process ensures we are clear about your objectives and goals.

2. Recruitment

We recruit and optimise across the whole affiliate spectrum. Whether you require assistance with basket abandonment, pop-ups, content, incentive, voucher codes, cashback, bloggers; we can help. With many partners and suppliers, we have negotiated preferential rates to benefit our clients.

3. Campaign management

To manage the campaign effectively, we use our SingleView technology to observe the impact of the channel on the wider online mix. To keep on top of tests, promotions, recruitment and optimisation, we use our publisher development plans for both the client and agency to monitor success over time.

4. Testing and optimisation

Testing is in our DNA. This can be across specific promotions, commission tiers, adverts, discounts; more or less anything. Optimising performance is a continual and iterative process, and if managed well the affiliate program can continually make ‘marginal gains’.

To find out more about how our approach sets us apart, get in touch with the R.O.EYE team on the details below, today.