Analytics & Reporting

To drive effective business decisions, it’s crucial to build an understanding of the full picture; all your marketing activity, across all of your channels.

Placing this into one dashboard – which we call SingleView – allows businesses to track a myriad of metrics from the first impression, to the very last sale. Being entirely customisable, we are able to ingest all kinds of data sources – such as client MI, phone calls, offline codes, store visits – and bring them all together in simple data visualisations.

R.O.EYE can provide analysis and reports to identify and unravel each and every customer journey, whether or not it converted.

R.O.EYE’s Approach

1. Consult

R.O.EYE work with you to understand the objectives of the business and understand what can be tracked and measured. The art of the possible. Typically, at this point we will identify and evaluate what’s being measured now – and then establish what else the business needs to know.

2. Data measurement

Our data and insights team obsess over data. The more data points the better. After successfully tagging all marketing channels using our software as part of the data audit, we can create deeper knowledge, which in turn influences commercial actions.

3. Report & BI

We can report based on date, channel, business objectives; in whatever way best enables you to drive value from the knowledge we can provide. For clients looking for advanced consultancy services, we use Tableau software so reports can be augmented based on the specific needs of the business.

4. Commercial optimisation

Better data drives better decisions. Adopting our philosophy of ‘marginal gains’, for us campaign optimisation is an ongoing, iterative process. R.O.EYE are passionate about working with clients at Board level to ensure marketing strategies are based on accurate ‘new’ knowledge.

To find out more about how our approach sets us apart, please get in touch with Tim Hall using the details below, today