Our attribution offering is based focused on one hard question; ‘Where should I spend my next pound?’. We can tell you.

Today’s complex journeys are rendering first and last click attribution models obsolete. Budgets must be planned, deployed and evaluated on a cross-channel and single cookie basis. This can only be achieved with a ‘single point of truth’. We use a data-driven attribution model to evaluate the value of each digital touchpoint; this is our proprietary platform, SingleView.


Every single traffic source into your site needs to be classified. Each needs to be categorised in order for its value to be defined. Paid, organic, email, direct and indirect sources are all categorised, so both converting and non-converting customer journeys can be reported.


Understanding the contribution at just the channel level fails to provide granular enough insights to alter media investment decisions. By tracking down to supplier, keyword and campaign, ROI can be attributed to every single pound spent (and not spent for organic activity).

Data-driven modelling

Operating a rules-based attribution model (first click, last click, linear etc…) involves interpretation and is, by definition, flawed. R.O.EYE have developed our own data-driven model which gives clients an accurate attribution value for every touchpoint in the digital journey.


All clients need to understand the incrementality that their activity provides. By stripping away all paid activity, R.O.EYE are able to establish a natural baseline which is the ‘resting heartbeat’ of your website. We then layer on your channels / lines of activity to understand incremental contribution and in turn, investment decisions.

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