Business Intelligence

Clients ask us to help them drive commercial actions from their analytics packages. Generally speaking, the more sophisticated the package, the harder it is to crystalise the actions they should be taking. Our BI offering operates at the intersection of web analytics and consultancy services, by providing trading dashboards.

We re-define the ‘art of the possible’ in order to unravel new insights about how the business performs in a multi-channel environment. Using our data platform, we have the ability to ingest additional customer data to provide audience-focused knowledge in a GDPR compliant way.

R.O.EYE’s Approach

1. Identifying the problem

We’re used to addressing a range of problems which are linked to understanding trends or commercial insights within data sets. Answering these challenges usually informs and drives business strategy.

2. Audit

In order to deliver answers, we invariably need to piece together disparate data sets. Our process is to work with client stakeholders to understand exactly which data assets exist, which are needed, and how they can be ingested.

3. The solution

Having understood the problem and the data points which can be accessed, our focus is to apply our proprietary platform to either fill the gaps, or derive insights which will help our clients to define their digital marketing strategies.

4. Delivery

Some clients require one-off projects to answer a specific question around their marketing communications activities, others require ongoing commercial insights to influence their trading activities. Whatever your digital marketing challenge involves, we have the experience, tools and talent to help.

To find out more about how our approach sets us apart, get in touch with Tim Hall using the details below, today.