Influencer & Referral Management

Often overlooked, referral websites and social influencers offer access to rich, niche audiences. Some will trade on a performance basis, some will use other metrics. However, using a unified and consistent approach to track the value of traffic, alternative trading models can be applied to this sector.

1. Branding

Social influencers offer excellent brand opportunities. R.O.EYE have extensive experience working with these partners around branding and product placement.

2. Reach

Influencers across the appropriate social platforms offer significant audience reach. Whichever audiences are being targeted, influencers can be the key part of any marketing strategy.

3. Performance

For direct response advertisers, it’s all about ROI. Over the years, we have developed tools which allow clients to measure the value of organic social activity and its effectiveness in delivering traffic, sales, and engagements.

4. Customer acquisition

Tracking through to either a lead or a sale is critical for direct response advertisers. R.O.EYE can help understand the value of those customers (lifetime value, new customers, products sold, etc…) to help achieve our clients’ marketing objectives.

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