Paid Social

Social platforms offer an unprecedented level of targeting. Whether targeting by profile, interest, behaviour, or look-a-like profile, paid social campaigns should sit as a core element of any performance schedule.

1. Audience

The targeting opportunities within social platforms are inexhaustible. Understanding audiences at a behavioural and an interest level, R.O.EYE can build true value when locating new or existing customers.

2. Results-focussed

Adopting our pioneering approach for performance advertising, social can be deployed based on its ability to deliver ROI.

3. Scale

As custom audiences are identified they can naturally be scaled subject to cost dynamics or budgets. Facebook alone, worldwide, offers a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach rich veins of customers.

4. Tracking and reporting

Social platforms rarely pass enough granular data into their reporting suites. R.O.EYE have tools, techniques and methodologies to understand the incremental value they drive.

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