Search remains the bedrock of any acquisition campaign. R.O.EYE works with strategic search partners to deliver excellence for its clients. Typically, the largest digital channel within the online marketing mix, an effective PPC campaign has the ability to target the right audience, with an engaging message, at the right time.

1. Value contribution

R.O.EYE looks to understand the ROI being driven by keywords and ad groups at a transactional level. We don’t simply accept the aggregated information AdWords gives us.

2. Customer journey

Depending on the client, few channels operate in isolation. Understanding the role paid search pays within the shopping/research/consideration cycles, audience and creative strategies can be defined, deployed and tested.

3. Audit

Using SingleView to define a ‘single point of truth’ at a transactional level, campaigns can be broken down for ROI audit purposes.

4. Attribution

As all channels must be evaluated using a data driven value, search campaigns require optimisation on metrics outside of last click. R.O.EYE are able to upload this data back in Adwords.

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