Programmatic Display

Programmatic advertising has the ability to deliver significant reach and volume. However, transparent tracking of its contribution is essential.

The Programmatic sector has historically struggled with transparency. The way we tackle this problem is to track at a post-click and post-impression level, and attribute value at an individual transaction level. By doing this, we are able to fully understand how programmatic fits within the path to sale, and the efficiency of the media buys.

R.O.EYE has the tools, and the experience to ensure success.

1. Tracking

R.O.EYE has built its own tools in order to track the incremental value of every single impression served.

2. Audience segmentation

Building audiences is key to delivering new or valuable customers via programmatic (as opposed to relying on retargeting). By using first and second party GDPR compliant data, R.O.EYE has extensive experience building campaigns without the need for third party data layers.

3. ROI analysis

It’s all about the customer journey. By understanding the incremental value Programmatic advertising delivers as part of a wider media schedule, budget can be re-deployed subject to true value.

4. Optimisation

R.O.EYE have developed optimisation methods for real-time bidding. This ensures that the creative is shown to the correct audience, and that budgets are maximised for the best return. Using a variety of video, rich-media, and standard display inventory, R.O.EYE are able to test a number of ad formats to optimise Programmatic campaigns.

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